About us

Jungle Fish is a Belgian interior and furniture store inspired by coastal, bohemian, wabi-sabi and sometimes even eclectic design. Our collection is built around the soft tones of coastal destinations, the textures of natural materials and the funky charm of handmade pieces. We offer anything from small but one of a kind decorative items to big (outdoor) furniture, making us a one stop shop for your home or project.

Coastal Living

There is something magical about holiday destinations, especially tropical islands. A laidback attitude, soft tones of nature, the sound of the sea. Our collection is mostly produced in Bali, the island of the Gods, where these features shine like nowhere else. We believe your home should always make you feel as relaxed as you are on holidays and bringing in some coastal furniture and decor will do just that!

Coastal Living

Natural materials

Living in harmony with nature heals the soul. Nothing is more pleasing that a home filled with carefully selected products made from natural materials! We offer products from all types of grass, wood, shells, rattan, seagrass and so on. All these materials have been sourced without harming the environment. Think of reclaimed teak wood, but also overgrow grasses (weeds) that are considered invasive.

Natural Materials

Handmade quality

Indonesia has a rich tradition in product development and design, leading to a thriving home workers industry. Our products are made by hand, usually in someone's back garden, usually by women. These home industry workers are paid fairly and work directly for our supplier, making sure no one is taken advantage of. Working only with handmade products, we ensure our collection pieces are always unique and always have a good story.

Handmade Quality